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Mary doesn't notice anything particularly unusual until she goes to use the chamber pot; although she's startled (as who wouldn't be?) it doesn't take her more than a few moments to figure out what's happened. She's read about the event, after all, though she had never quite imagined it happening to her, except in the vague hope that it would take a great deal of time about coming.

It seems a horrible inconvenience, and also her stomach hurts.

There's a certain temptation to rage and storm, or at least stomp into one of the abandoned rooms of the manor to sulk. But this will not fix the immediate problem. It's Martha's day off, so she can't ask her. She would die before asking Mrs. Medlock. As for the methods she's read about which girls of the future use, they're certainly not available in Yorkshire.

Instead, after a few moments of thought, she gets out a liberty bodice that has grown of late far too tight - which ought, she thinks grumpily, to have made her start preparing - and starts cutting it carefully to pieces with her knife. It's made out of thick knitted cotton; it will serve, she supposes.

Once she's got her combinations, her petticoats, her blouse and dress and coat all on, no one would know the least thing, except to mark that Miss Mary looks rather more cross than usual.

And to think she's got three to seven days of this before it stops!
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